Your Teen’s About to Launch. Are They Really Prepared to Manage Their Money?

Your teen is bright, curious—and adulthood is just around the corner. They can configure a phone, or reduce a fraction, but data shows most don’t know basic money management.

Intervene now. Guide them to financial confidence and competence with our self-paced online modules and workbooks, in Spanish or in English.

Chalkboard Financial is a not-for-profit financial intervention partner for teens who are about to launch. Our hands-on tools have successfully prepared teens with both practical financial know-how, and career strategies, to prevent debt and create a personalized game-plan.
Teens who come through our budget-friendly program consistently gain more confidence by learning and applying the foundations of financial literacy for teens. What’s more, your investment in them is tax-deductible for you.

Download the S.M.A.R.T. Goals Worksheet for Free

Our Pros prepare your Teen to launch. Teens learn:
How to set and attain personal financial and career goals
Create and maintain a working budget
To prevent debt in their life now and in the future

Money Management for Teens

64% of parents with college-bound kids worry about their children’s financial literacy.

Hands on  Learning
Teens can learn at their own pace with self-directed video modules and workbooks, in either English or Spanish, for every style of learner.
Hands on Practice
From the first lesson, teens begin putting concepts into place for their own personal financial picture. By the end, they’ve practiced every area of financial literacy to maintain for the long-term.
Hands on Pro Guidance
Teens listen to pros. Young professionals in finance and accounting demystify financial concepts, like good vs bad debt, and credit risk and rewards for their life circumstances and future.

Do You Know The 3 Components of Financial Health?

Whether they’re saving for school, a car, looking for a first job, or learning investment basics, teens build confidence working through 8 to 10 online modules that include:

  • Savings calculators
  • Career goal setting
  • Financial goal planning
  • Budget creation
  • Debt and credit risk and reward
  • Investing basics

Download the S.M.A.R.T. Goals Worksheet for Free


Who We Are

Hi, My name’s Elisabeth, and as the Executive Director for Chalkboard Financial, I know the stress you and your teen may feel. After high school, I merrily strolled along to college acquiring student loans, credit cards, and other debt. I wasn’t living frivolously, but the lack of understanding in goal setting, budgeting and planning (and the naive thinking after college I’d get a “real” job and be able to afford everything) not only left me broke after graduation, but strapped to pay huge loans. The harsh reality of payments coming due came crashing in. Entry level salaries didn’t meet student loan payments. It’s a scary place! At Chalkboard Financial, we’re committed to preventing debt in the first place, to stop the cycle before it starts, relieving our next generation of unnecessary financial burden.