Strategic Partners:

Together, Chalkboard Financial and its partners can help build a more prosperous community.


At Chalkboard Financial we believe that dynamic partnerships are critical to solving complex challenges.

Our partners – from corporations to foundations to entrepreneurs – are committed to developing and supporting socially responsible initiatives that build stronger communities while enhancing business and development goals.

Corporate Partnerships

Chalkboard Financial is proud to partner with some of the most innovative and and successful companies to find victories in empowering students with financial education.

Media Partnerships

Chalkboard Financial is proud to partner with media companies to increase our programmatic impact and build more in-depth awareness and engagement with the financial epidemic.


Foundations Partners

Chalkboard partners with US foundations to carry out our mission to end financial illiteracy.


Chalkboard Financial is an IRS designated 501c3, and through PA’s EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) program, we are a newly registered and eligible to receive funds from businesses that qualify for the Educational Improvement Organization (EIO) tax credit program.