Welcome To Chalkboard Financial’s #Preventdebt program



Each Student receives a 30+ page workbook with a litany of activities , thought generating concepts, vocabulary and terminology focused on financial success and career growth.



We are here to help!  All we ask of teachers is to take attendance and set up our self-paced powerpoint for our banking facilitators.



The modules in the CBF workshop are designed to compliment existing material taught in Consumer Science, Economics, Finance, and Guidance classes. We have found success when working with any of these departments.



Chalkboard Financial workshops operate on a rolling basis each spring and fall sememster. We ask to allow 6-8 weeks for prep and facilitator placement.



Chalkboard Financial #Preventdebt Program operates 1x a weekly meeting over the course of 8 weeks. Each meeting operates within a scheduled timeframe of a typical class period within the school day.





Each workshop is facilitated by one of our banking partner professionals, giving students the ability to learn from the pro’s in the industry.

About Chalkboard Financial
The #Preventdebt Approach:  Helping Students Earn, Save and Invest.
Aid alone won’t end our national financial epidemic. Education is crucial.
Our #Preventdebt programs aim to reduce the rates of financial hardship by helping students earn, save, and invest more which, in turn, increases their wealth.



located in the Commonwealth of PA and wanting to exceed Financial Education standards within your student body?   Learn more about Chalkboard Financial’s #Preventdebt Program to empower your student body!

Preparing for life after school

Chalkboard Financial’s mission to equip and empower students with financial education and career guidance, no matter a students chosen path. We believe that no matter a career path chosen, with the power to manage finances wisely, success can be created!

Virtual Learning

Our workshop is available as a self-paced course. Please inquire to accessibility for varying student needs.

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