Our Mission to Serve

There is a national financial epidemic—and we are not talking about inflation.  How do you serve your Next Generation members and enable a thriving community?

At Chalkboard Financial, we pour into our next generations, not just a consumer, but as a whole person, so that they can create healthy habits that change the course of their life. Empowered with confidence to ask the hard questions and pursue the audacious dreams, aligning with God’s purpose.


Partnering with Churches

You can incorporate our WORKSHOP INTENSIVES with your Youth, Young Adults, Young Married and/or Next Generation Groups.

We provide workbooks for every student which include activities and guides, tips and tricks to aid in financial understanding. (Also available in Spanish).

Workshops can be scheduled in a variety of ways to meet the needs of Youth and Young Adults, as well as varying church schedules.
Who this workshop is for:    10th through 12th graders
  • College students
  • Working 18-28 year olds figuring out life’s next steps
  • New and young married couples navigating joint finances for the first time.

What We Teach

 Students and stewarding

Chalkboard Financial covers an array of topics all focused to the student, creating a fresh perspective on effective financial goal setting and sure- fire ways to reach desired outcomes. We cover budgeting, PYF,  investing and savings, debt and credit.

core values and career guidance

As young adults navigate through the last years of high school, identity and purpose are immensely huge factors  that are overlooked and inhibit many as they walk through these years. Offering perspective shifts, conversations and connection allow young people to gain new confidence with where they are and most importantly, who they are.

breakout sessions, journaling and connection

Our tried and true techniques help young people with practical living in real time! Ideas to jump start building new $ habits and ways to improve networking and understanding who they are, for God’s purpose.

Check Out An Example Workshop Agenda

Connect with Us:

More questions on how we connect?  Email us here to further a conversation, benefiting your future congregants.

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