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How long will your adult kid be living in your basement?

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Why are we so passionate about empowering “kids” with financial literacy and career guidance?

We’ve been successfully equipping students in classrooms for years with our #preventdebt program. Don’t you think it’s time your student is empowered with these same financial/life/career skills? 

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For every subscription purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to help further our mission field in high schools here in Pennsylvania.

A Massive Opportunity

Enter Chalkboard Financial

Most look back and wish they had been empowered with a better understanding of personal finances. In fact, it’s the most repeated statement we hear from every teacher, donor, investor, and maybe you too… “I wish I had that when I was that age…”

There is an obvious gap between what a student, post graduation should do with their money, and what actually happens. 

We’re closing the gap between what a student should do with their finances, to Empowered and Equipped, creating successful students that will be better prepared with purpose!

We are that nonprofit here to empower your student. Our proven program works for thousands and your student can be one of them, too!

Finances can be one of the most stressful topics as an adult, and this class gives students great fundamental material to help them manage their finances. 


Are you ready? Subscribe to the CBF Academy’s #preventdebt  Program and see for yourself how your student will become equipped to achieve financial success… and move up and out!