About us

Chalkboard Financial will continue its mission to equip students with personal financial education and career guidance.



We believe every student should be taught basic financial literacy to #preventdebt and help them build a more prosperous community.


OUR How:

We connect with students by partnering with schools and other organizations that have established ties within the community. 



 Our financial education workshops work within Youth Groups, Next Generation Adults  and Young Married Adults with dyamic intensives.

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We partner with other nonprofit organizations (like the YMCA, YAP) serving in the community to better equip people in any stage of life,with a desire to learn how to better themselves financially.


This dynamic program is offered in conjunction w/… Consumer Sciences, Economics, and Math Depts. 1x weekly meeting for a total of 8 weeks covering Financial Foundations. Click here to see our  curricula.


Financial Planning and Goal Setting:
All focused to the student, creating a fresh perspective on effective financial goal setting and sure- fire ways to reach desired outcomes.


Building and Maintaining a Budget:
Relating everything to a students experience. We incorporate income and expenses, saving and investing, and the importance of PYF.
Debt and Credit: How it all works.
Understanding good and bad debt, credit risk and rewards, and how it works in the real world.
Career Guidance:
Covering topics in personal branding, self-awareness, resume’s, networking, and getting that job after high school/college.
    • Now, more than ever it is crucial that students are empowered with basic financial understanding. Covid-19 has lent a serious financial blow to many individuals and families, who have depleted savings, now un-employed or suffering from the virus itself with limited or no health insurance.
    • Self-sufficiency is an important indicator of financial health. Self Sufficiency is generally measured as having an income 200% above the Federal Poverty level. (United Way Community Needs Assessment.)
    • U.S. student loan debt exceeded $1.2 trillion, with over 7 million debtors in default.
    • 64% of parents with college-bound children are worried about their children’s ability to manage money.

There is a critical need for financial literacy education.


Currently located near Harrisburg, PA, we were founded by Elisabeth Aragon. Leaving the third person narrative, I had started Chalkboard Financial, living in California, after the financial meltdown in 08.

 As marriage, kiddos and relocation with my husbands company have since changed my life; my passion for wanting to help students achieve a financial education has not, and come from my own experience.

After high school, I merrily strolled along to college acquiring student loans, credit cards and other debt. I wasn’t living frivolously, but the lack of understanding in goal setting, budgeting & planning, and the naive thinking after college I’d get a “real” job and be able to afford everything, not only left me broke after graduation, but the harsh reality of #paymentdue came crashing in. Entry level salaries didn’t meet student loan payments. Its a scary place that no student should ever have to face. We should be setting up our students to succeed not struggle.