It’s 2022, and in today’s classrooms, students are not taught the

necessary life-skill of money management.

Chalkboard Financial is a not-for-profit education partner for students who are about to step into the “real world”. Our hands-on tools are with both practical financial know-how, and career strategies, to prevent debt and create their success plan.

Students who come through CBF’s program gain more confidence by learning and applying the foundations of financial concepts to their life and are spring boarding off for financial success, not struggle.

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I’m A Parent

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Our Pros Prepare Your Teen To Launch

Teens Learn:

  1. How to set and attain personal financial and career goals
  2. Create and maintain a working budget
  3. Grasp the concepts of TIME and Money with compounding interest.
  4. #preventdebt in their life now and in the future with a clear understanding of credit and debt.
  5. Our #Preventdebt course also incorporates the importance of personal branding and the power of networking. These additional concepts are CRUCIAL in understanding how to land a great job post graduation and soooo overlooked.

Hands on Learning

Teens can learn at their own pace with self-directed video modules and workbooks, in either English or Spanish (Coming Soon), for every style of learner.


From the first lesson, teens begin putting concepts into place for their own personal financial picture. By the end, they’ve practiced every area of financial literacy to maintain for the long term.


Teens listen to pros. Young professionals in finance and accounting demystify financial concepts, like good vs bad debt, and credit risk and rewards for their life circumstances and future.

64% of Parents Worry About Their Children’s Financial Literacy… 

Parents can have peace of mind that students who have come through our program consistently gain more confidence by learning and applying the foundations of financial literacy for teens.


Free Resource Library

To EMPOWER our students, below is an ever-growing library of guides and activities to best EQUIP your student in all things finances, as well as career guidance “thought generators.”
We’ve pulled these activities straight from our classrooms to best assist you and your teen on their journey beyond high school. Click the button below and enter your name and email address to get immediate access!

 A Note from our Director…

Hi, My name’s Elisabeth, and as the Executive Director for Chalkboard Financial, I know the stress you and your teen may feel. After high school, I merrily strolled along to college acquiring student loans, credit cards, and other debt. I wasn’t living frivolously, but the lack of understanding in goal setting, budgeting and planning (and the naive thinking after college I’d get a “real” job and be able to afford everything) not only left me broke after graduation, but strapped to pay huge loans. The harsh reality of payments coming due came crashing in. Entry level salaries didn’t meet student loan payments. It’s a scary place! At Chalkboard Financial, we’re committed to preventing debt in the first place, to stop the cycle before it starts, relieving our next generation of unnecessary financial burden.

Elisabeth Aragon                                                                                                             Executive Director